Child Labour ! Is this there Destiny/Fortune?


“Child labour, Plain and Simple, you understand what it means with the use of two words but you see the impact of this term to society is far greater than what you see and hear in two simple words”.

Child labour-A shame for the society, the never ending plague on humanity is now a bitter truth that has swallowed the childhood of several poor kids, a deep shallow pit that has created a big gap and now it is hard to fulfil, “child labour”. Child labour has become one of the most disastrous situation in India that has not only snatched the childhood of small kids but has also left these kids clueless, hopeless, etc about their future. The question is that “ Is the government promoting child labour?” I won’t say fully but yes mostly! Today government has made many laws to stop child labour, like factory act of 1948, the mines act of 1952, child labour (prohibition and regulation)act of 1986, the juvenile justice( care and protection) of children act of 2000, the right of children to free and compulsory education act of 2000 etc, but there is no law to check its implementation. Today in government institutions, kids are made to work, every other government official’s house, these poor kids are made to work as servants. Government introduced a line for such poor kids “Padhega India Tabhi to Badhega India” but the question is how? According to the survey by UNICEF, 50% of government funded schools are without buildings, 40% is without blackboards, only some are having books, 97% of budget goes for the salary of teachers and administration, and even if there is the availability of schools, there is absence of quality infrastructures, they have less connectivity from these backward places where these poor people reside. The government spends a big amount on the salary of teachers, but almost 25% of teachers don’t even go to schools. UNICEF says that 90% of child labour comes from the rural areas because they are a lot backward. So parents even develop a mentality from such places, that what is the need of sending kids to a place where they will learn nothing?. Secondly we talk of eradicating child labour, but what after that, why these kids are forced to work? Its because of poverty, government says the people working in rural and urban areas are earning Rs 32 and Rs 47 a day respectively is not a poor, i don’t know whether it is a matter of laughter or a matter to feel ashamed off. If the child will not get sufficient food, then what will drag him/her to studies,that’s why these kids work and help their families in raising money. At places 25% to 40% of the whole household income is earned by such kids. And this way these kids help their families in earning and the families get used to it. Now my question to the government  is whether they really want to eradicate child labour or they just want to think about the ways of filling their pockets, now just because governments failure for such issues NGOs like “Bachpan bachao andolan” , ” Care India”, ”CRY”, ”Talaash Foundation”  etc has risen up to take the initiative.

We should be and have to be serious as well as emotional on this plague on humanity.

“What in life could bring about this great wave of suffering and torment for children?”

Please listen to the child’s cry-

My greatest dream is to learn

And to get a job by it and earn,

When I see other school going boys

My heart burns,

With desire to study, alas my

Heart can only yearn.

We achieved so much so much throughout the human race but with people’s support, we’re determined to end child labour together. We, as individuals, despite the work of various organisations and governments, are all soldiers in the war against child labour and should never hesitate to contribute to the eradication of child labour in any little way we can.

By GOD’S PROMISE, I cannot be a killer, a murderer of innocent children’s dreams.

Please give back their childhood.

Thanks & Regards

Written & Published By: Quasib Raza

Translated By:Keshav & Tufail

One thought on “Child Labour ! Is this there Destiny/Fortune?

  1. Childhood is the best part of our life without any tension we enjoyed all the moment of life. We did all random things with lots of question in mind.
    With lots of dream.
    Childhood phase is made for playing , fun and lots of learning. Not for work.
    People and organization must stand for it. They must not hire child for work and support them for education. If they need our help for skill learning we must provide them.


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